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Automobile bearing installation, use and maintenance of common sense

Automobile and general mechanical bearing important difference is that a car bearing in a mobile environment, so its stress and working condition is more complex, at the same time car bearing as a very precise mechanical parts, the right to install and use, lubrication and maintenance for the realization of the basic functions of critical bearing.
Bearing mounting and dismounting
Use clean kerosene or gasoline will be bearing and matching parts clean;
Check the bearing is prepared using prototype number conform, matched with the size of the qualified parts;
Using special assembling tool sleeve bearings, tool sleeve diameter can not exceed the bearing rib diameter, assembly force should be uniform, not to shock and rough assembly;
After the completion of installation of rotary bearing bearings and related components, to see whether a card hysteresis phenomenon and abnormal noise;
According to the requirements specified host components into the grease or lubricants;
In the assembly of large bearing and bearing and shaft, a hole between the larger magnitude of interference of the product must be of bearing oil bath heating, oil temperature at 80 degrees celsius;
Bearing removal, must use the drawing class of special tools, prohibit the use of iron directly strike the bearing;
Bearing assembly and disassembly, should avoid the rolling body retainer, stress or deformation.

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